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Whether residential or commercial, having solar panels cleaned regularly is essential for maintaining optimal solar performance. Dust, algae, and other environmental pollutants severely impact the efficiency of solar panels. Studies have shown that PV panel performance can degrade by 20% or more without regular cleaning and maintenance. With our state of the art soft brush system using deionized water our certified technicians have the proper tools to safely and effectively clean solar panels.

Our Richmond Solar Panel Cleaning Services

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Dingy and dirty solar panels can cause your entire property to look unappealing. Keeping your solar panels clean will of your property and make a good impression.

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Cleaning the solar panels with the proper equipment will also increase the lifespan and keep them in the best condition for years to come.

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One of the top benefits of cleaning solar panels is that you’ll notice improved energy output.

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Why choose our solar panel cleaning service?

You’ve invested a good deal in a solar panel system as a source of clean, renewable energy for your property, business, municipality or school system and want to get the most out of that investment – both in cost savings and performance. One way to help ensure optimal efficiency is through regular cleaning.

Just like any exterior surface, solar panels are exposed to dirt, sand, pollen and other environmental factors – and, therefore, are vulnerable to damage, deterioration and energy loss. These airborne pollutants accumulate and cause “soiling,” which prevents solar radiation from reaching the cells and results in …

  • Reduced energy production
  • A lower return on investment
  • Scratches or damage to the panel’s surface
  • Shortened lifespan

Let the fully insured, highly skilled professionals at On Time Performance safely and effectively clean your solar panels for maximum effectiveness and return on investment and longer life.

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Our expert crew will...


Solar panels are inspected for any damage or visible issues, and you are alerted.


Panels are thoroughly cleaned using a soft brush system with deionized water


Edges and frame are detailed to preserve the condition and performance.

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If you want to maximize your solar panel usage and ensure that it produces good amounts of electricity, then you must maintain it properly. Solar panels should be maintained regularly to prevent any dust or dirt from accumulating. It is best to clean your solar panels every year to ensure that they are operating as efficiently as they possibly can. However, you can decrease the duration between every clean cycle if you feel that your solar panel system needs cleaning.


Restore and Protect Your Panels

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