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Many components of your property deteriorate after being exposed to the elements and nature. The building exteriors, breezeways, sidewalks, paving, pool deck, dumpster pads, furniture etc. may become dull and discolored with time. These problems can negatively impact the appearance of your property.

OTP can provide the perfect solution of soaps, detergents, and soft washing or power washing to quickly and efficiently remove a variety of stains, marks, and residues from a wide range of surfaces. Let our expert technicianshave your property looking fresh and well maintained all year round.

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Business and apartment complexes across the southeastern United States choose On Time Performance to keep their offices, apartment complexes, and commercial spaces clean and healthy. We deliver a deeper clean that is healtherier for your employees, customers, and residents using our rotary cleaning system equipment. Most people only notice the conditions of carpets when they become visible soiled. By the time its finally noticeable, there are layers upon layers of stains, bacteria, and mineral deposits that have built-up into a mess. With our rotary cleaning system we can restore soiled carpet to look like new! While carpets may appear clean on the surface, they almost certainly contain unseen filth that can affect color and sanitation. So, for complete restoration or routine maintenance, let us demonstrate the amazing results of our revolutionary system.

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